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Improve Your Fitness based on
Sharing, Diet, Lifestyle, and Commitment.

 Let's START our JOURNEY to put LIFE in your Years.
Doing by Sweating - Six Days a Week - til Age 80 or later
We Boomers won't live forever. How about that flash of the obvious?
Yet we can slow aging processes til ~ 80 years of age; and enhance the vitality and wellness of our lives and interactions with tailored "recipes" of personal training, products and processes.  
Many of us should slow our aging processes to defer or possibly avoid the onset of extra pounds, diabetes, libido loss, sleeplessness, blood chemistry and blood pressure imbalances and on and on...

It is our firm conviction that WELLness is simply NOT an option.
Our families and friends, plus an overworked and over-priced health care industry should all thank us for taking this wellness journey.
It is also our firm belief that important things are simple, yet simple things are hard.
Our 3 by 5 "body skeleton" for your Well Past Forty journey presents fifteen tangibles and intangibles that work for this founder and for others. Five simple yet hard W mnemonics, with 5 P initials, are concluded in the working model with 5 F factors.
Our certified personal trainer will be the first to share that this journey won't be easy, yet it will be rewarding
* Why is Well Past Forty different, and What's In It for You?  
These two $64K queries are addressed at length on these pages and in our related social networking sites, plus store links.  
When you're ready to take that important first step; please  pick up your smartphone to text-message, email, or skype our  
Well Past Forty staff  for a complimentary chat / consultation.

Yes, But, you may say, "I live in America's heartland".
Yes, and a response to this great question is:
Though our staff normally works in sunny Southern California, it will be our pleasure to engage virtually as you take those
Well Past Forty strides.
Technology helps to make distant training personal, AND showcases our ability to serve you at notably lower cost. 
For instance, we can arrange a video SKYPE session for you to go over a particular issue or technique.  
This "online" training is affordable and effective.  
Do Try It.

* When your interest in better vitality, fitness and non-quite eternal youth is piqued:
These simple steps will get us started on your Journey - one workout, one healthy meal, one learning moment at a time:

1. Do get that mandatory health clearance from a Medical Professional (then Well Past Forty's Waiver will be required).
That's all the paper chase on our end of your WELLness jump-start.
2. Buy a Weight Watcher's (or similar) Scale that also measures water and fat content in your changing body.  
There are several good models that cost less than $40.00.  We do NOT advocate stepping on the scale EVERY DAY. Each tailored program embeds a weight/ body fat timeline as part of your journey checklist.
Don't be too concerned about the MD's dreaded Body Mass Index (BMI) for you that is a bell curve for couch potatoes.
Elite athletes with body fat less than 10% (like your CPT Dave) are classified as borderline OBESE by this toss-out rule of thumb.

3. Whether with a smartphone application, stop watch or chest strap / watch monitor kit (which Dave dislikes by the way) - a committed Lifestyle changer MUST tune his / her workout regimens and periodicity to his/her ticker. We will make every heartbeat count - yet taper days in your periodic schedule are mandatory to avert over-training.  Do acquire that heart rate monitor!
4. Clothing? Loose and comfortable is a good metric for what you wear in the important (and best) part of your days.
5. Other Accessories?  A firm foam roller (preferably 36" long) will help your get looser, before and after your WELLness workouts.  These truly help, as documented in many research papers.Self myofascial release (SMR) is the fasncy name for this holy rolling.
6. Water, water, everywhere.  An active person should down up to 128 ounces of H
2O a day.  Sure, you can flavor the water, or drink electrolyte drinks - particularly if your workout is a long aerobic one. One hour workout - one more quart!
Yet the main point is HYDRATE as you are one quart low when you feel thirsty.
Often fatigue is directly related to stages of dehydration.  If one's urine isn't white - he or she isn't drinking enough. Remember how much of your changing body is water content (which you'll measure with your Scale - #2)..
7. Attitude. This simple, yet critical noun is operationally defines as "changing you"; as in your eating habits, rising earlier to get that workout in before a busy day, and making true commitment for your lifelong journey to add life to your years.

How Committed are You?

Seven jump-start principles are beacons for Your WELLness journey.  
Well Past Forty's 3 by 5 Triangle is a strong skeletal frame on which you will build lean, vital and energetic fiber - from temples to toes, with a strong core and most importantly - Attitude.
Let's Work four (4) S's - STRETCH, STABILITY, STRENGTH, and STAMINA to put Years in Your Life

Please contact Well Past Forty to register your comments/ questions/ interest:
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phone and text:     858.925.3895  or
submit your interest in the
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We look forward to future engagements to improve your diet, lifestyle and commitment.
Important things are simple yet this simple thrust toward Wellness will likely be hard and long.
Stretch out and enjoy the journey.

/s/ your Well Past Forty coaches
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