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We implore you to bump your chances of success for putting Years in Your Life via your good 'ol reading, researching and reaching out (with or without Well Past Forty assists)

Why Not Purchase these (or other GREAT books relevant to: Diet, Lifestyle and Commitment via the convenient
Amazon hot-linked icon underneath these excellent titles that Dave swears by:

"Younger Next Year" by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge, MD
and "Younger Next Year for Women" by the same Boomer gents.

"Racing Yesterday" by Andy Baxter 

"Successful Aging" by J. Rowe and R, Kahn

"Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance" by Matt Fitzgerald 

"Thinner This Year: A Younger Next Year Book"
by Chris Crowley

From Addict to Ironman" by Todd Crandell and John Hanc.

Our Coaches are ever-researching journals such as Strength and Conditioning to optimize our tailored fitness plans for you.

  • Just fill out the Contact Form on our homepage or send a quick email to Well Past Forty to request professional paper(s) on your topic of interest.

  • A few seminal papers from Strength and Conditioning  are embedded for your download and review as examples:
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Periodized Resistance Training for Chronic Lower Back Pain..pdf
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You can leverage a host of free applications from your iphone or android store for smart phone / tablets.
From heart rate to exercising and diet aids, you can find freebies that can support your wellness journey and success.

You should capitalize on many information-rich websites and services to support your "New Life" awareness and steps.

Here are some of the many on-line links used by Well Past Forty to spread the good words for Community wellness:

Dr Weil's lifestyle page

realage.com.  We encourage you to take the excellent self-test to assess your lifestyle and potential longevity (and did we say you really need to see you MD before we get sweating).
A Sochi Olympics article in February, 2014 highlighted the need to grasp your "BIO-AGE".
Why? Twenty-five percent of Russian men die before age 55 due to effects of over-eating and drinking.
Well Past Forty advocates 4S improvements in our 3x5 model to Put Life in Your Years.
A great second reality check for your lifestyle and longevity is located @ http://www.biological-age.com/

James Fells' bodyforwife site.  This Canadian's newsletters are particularly useful (and fun) for folks in our age brackets. Please do read his FREE Metabolism report.  You'll be glad that you did.

Enjoy Joe Friel's excellent weblog for serious Boomer aerobic:

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