Well Past Forty

Peer-to-Peer  Coaching Services - Satisfaction Assured

Your Wellness past Age 40 is NOT an Option

You have fitness goals- yes? If so - Well Past Forty is with you.
If not, contact us (after you get that important medical clearance, of course) and we'll help you begin with Your End in Mind.

Consider these "modern maturity" benchmarks to pursue by taking action steps from our 3 by 5 model -
6 days each and every week:

120/80 or better for blood pressure reading?

Good cholesterol and low "ratio"?

Lower resting heart rate and higher basal metabolism?

Leaner body composition to look, feel and perform better?

For the competitor in many - can you be  faster, reach higher, and live stronger (more than once every four years)?

Sounder Sleep and ...perform better when not sleeping?

As your Certified Personal Trainer and wellness "coach" - a good starting point is my own "been there, done that" story.
You and I will leverage my lessons learned in "valet" training to tailor your New Life.

Figure 1 summarizes our 3 x 5 Model to focus your wellness and vitality improvement efforts.

Please remember that you are not alone.

Also please remember that there are NO known panaceas or holy grails of wellness in middle age and later years.


Any Wellness or Fitness Queries?
   Fire away - by sending your inquiry to Well Past Forty:

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