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First - it's good for you, as prospective "Journeyers", to learn a bit about the lead Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer at
Well Past Forty.

Dave Frost is a "boomer" whom wants to slow the degradation of his vital functions and wellness as long as possible.  He knows that 15-day uber programs for 6-pack ripples or elimination of muffin-tops just won't work for most of us.  
Any middle-ager's  journey toward leaner, fitter, with well bodies and minds is both extended and as hard as "we" make it to gain desired returns on physical and mental investments.
That was a free bit of advice which is followed by many others tuned to those of us past forty in years of age.  
He just happens to be a mere twenty "+" years past that "40" milestone - by the way.

If you'd like a relatively aged "peer" to work with you on your journey to wellness - Dave may be that guy.
Well Past Forty will provide a "peer-to-peer" Coach that best matches your 4S journey desires.
He is a pretty fit individual as an elite Masters Rower who ranks in the World Top 5 for his age group.

He is a  2:56 marathoner in younger days (before spinal fusion and life events).  His college background in Bioscience couples with a passion to address wellness and to help a client put more years in one's life and quite possibly more LIFE in one's years.

His top current Professional Certification is from:
the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) - #53787.
He maintains liability insurance and CPR/AED first aid credentials.

- He has provided wellness and fitness training for hundreds of athletes and CPT clients.
- More information about this lead Coach at Well Past Forty can be viewed at: Your Trainer
- His [age group] World Rankings in indoor rowing can be checked at Rower's Log

Our Well Past Forty approach is, quite simply:
  To improve your personal FITNESS based on sharing, valet training and lifestyle discipline.


Second - it's good for you to know upfront how we address your fitness / wellness wants and needs.

The short answer is - IT DEPENDS.

 Well Past Forty, operated by 2030 Associates, is a for-profit small business - profit is NOT what drives us.

It is purpose and passion that stimulated Dave to become a Certified Personal Trainer after his many volunteer efforts support Wounded Warrior athletes in Rowing.
That isn't the first time you've read about rowing - is it?

It is that same purpose and passion that pushed us to address distressing societal trends toward obesity, adult diabetes.  
His CPT Team and he can't change the world, yet they can help you favorably change your world!

Please contact this Wellness Team to start your peer-to-peer Wellness journey:

mailto:                         info@wellpastforty.com
call / text message @ 858.925.3895,
send a facsimile @     888.901.7255 or
complete the
Contact Us Form on our homepage or

wellpastforty at one of its social network sites:




Baseline Session Prices for Well Past Forty services
are offered below (effective October 1st, 2017)

  • Please contact us for regular discounts (Military, Seniors, Referrals)
  • Special discounts, such as GROUPONs, are regularly offered to ease your Wellness investment.

Well Past Forty offers "valet" at-home training, open-air sessions at parks or training at the
Well Past Forty "Box" in Rancho Bernardo, CA (zip 92127). 


Baseline  Pricing for each session with your

Well Past Forty Trainer  (before discounts/coupons)

- "Valet" Training is satisfaction-guaranteed under terms and conditions of your written service agreement
- Packages include regular communiques and progressive 60-day Personal Workout Plans crafted by Well Past Forty.

Complimentary Fitness orientation,body composition and sound nutritional guidelines are included).

Drive expenses for the Trainer are included for first 20 miles - one way. Trainer provides weights, mats, & accessories for Client.)

Well Past Forty appreciates your commitment and payment via Cash, Check, or a major Credit Card. Just fill in this initial (non-binding) e-form and hit "SUBMIT".  Thank You. 
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Call/text at 858.925.3895 or mailto: info@wellpastforty.com with your initial application, interest or queries:

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