Did you celebrate National Pretzel Day on April 26th?

I missed a freebie pretzel at the Las Vegas airport – the advertised occasion was National Pretzel Day?  What’s next? An International Power Bar Day?

Proper snacking is such a key part of one’s wellness that I did want to weigh in on pretzels and other munchies.

Why? Nutritious munchies are good for keeping your metabolism humming with those 5 small meals / snacks a day that we recommend.  Do recall: 80 calories for your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are enough for your internal combustion engine to keep hummin’.

PS – Easy on the lager with that pretzel!


Patriot’s Day (2013) in Boston to Today – A traumatic week to remember.

How being in the ring (as Teddy Roosevelt) drives many of us to run 42 KM is special.

How the 107th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, 2013 terrorized our nation and our planet won’t be forgotten.

Bless the wounded, deceased and traumatized onlookers, the first responders, the community crowd sourcing folks like you and me that helped our Good Guys nail the misguided perpetrators.


As I tweeted after this terrible Tax Day, 2013; When the rival New York Yankees tribute Boston with a Bronx rendition of SWEET CAROLINE – shadowy terrorists should realize that you don’t mess with the U.S. (us).


I was fortunate to speak with competitors in their blue and yellow colors earned for the 107th Marathon – in Detroit Michigan and Des Moines Iowa this week.   They’ll be back for the 108th Boston Marathon in 2014.   Attitude!

E Pluribus Unum.