Could both He and She be right about a “right” fitness approach?

by | May 23, 2013

He (of this quoted fit couple) says running.  

She counters with weight / resistance training.

Which gender is more right?  No family feud here – honest…

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article (see –

“He Says Run. She Says Lift.

A wife and husband argue about the best way to stay in shape.

And the winner is…

Doing It All

At the same time, though, neither of us can ignore the growing amount of research about fitness and aging. The science is increasingly clear: Older adults need both strength training, to help replenish and maintain the muscle mass and (for women especially) the bone density our bodies lose each year as we age, and cardio to help guard against the risks of clogged arteries in the heart and brain.

No excuses folks – combine weights and aerobic training – six days a week FOREVER.




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