30 Days of Men’s Health -> 30 Years!

by | Jun 4, 2013

Hey Men – let’s use this National Men’s Health Month to make positive, lasting  changes to our workouts and wellness.  

For inclusiveness – hey ladies – please help us guys live well and sweat six days a week!

Let’s recall and focus on fist principles – like our waistlines.  

You can check on-line to see if your “guy” avoirduprois is outside healthy limits.  Dr. Weil and many other reputable sources can help you check that measurement and focus on its implications:


That stated, I’d be very concerned if my waistline was anywhere close to those subjective “healthy” limits.  I work hard to ensure that it’s not.

Let’s face the cold hard truth – leaner organisms of all species tend to live longer.

See this article and research MANY more to reinforce the lean longevity angle!


Diet, activity and of course your family genes are factors.  Yet please control those variable factors that you can.


Yours in healthy guy living,





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