Float like a butterfly – sting like a bee (50 years later)

RE mem mem re mem me mem ber  a half century ago – – – 


As a youth, I was impressed by the light heavyweight Olympic champion. I later respected Clay’s conscientious objector stance in our Country’s dark days of the Vietnam conflict. Yet I tired of his schtick, plus that of Howard Cosell over the years of ALI time.


I admired his boxing skills – admittedly.


As a full and open disclosure -> I personally dislike boxing (which was a mandatory phys-ed sport for me at the Naval Academy).


As an aging boomer – these 50 years ago milestones – like Beatlemania and Clay’s first Championship belt as a heavyweight definitely make me feel older.

Not old – yet older 🙂


NO COUCH POTATOS -> Nutrition and Activity is 70% while Exercise is 30% of your Wellness Equation

As cherished as our workouts are, it is sometimes good to remember that most of our metabolic “burn” comes outside the gym.

When in doubt – count those calories and estimate your basic metabolic rate – based on activities of daily life.

Oh, if only we could shed that avoirduprois as easily or quickly as we gain evil, fatty tissue.


Yet we are what we are – so

1. lots of daily motion (and get that good sleep),

2. Chris Crowley’s challenge not to “eat crap” and

3. awareness of what it takes to succeed are critical success factors for lean and well futures.

A good basic metabolic rate [BMR] calculator can be found AND USED @


For a male boomer like me – the notable difference in BMR between “lightly active” and “very active” is 600 calories a day – or over a pound a week difference.

As the Swoosh people say, “JUST DO IT”.


image ref: holyokechildresmuseum.blogspot.com