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28% of Americans DIDN’T Exercise at ALL last year :(

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We Boomers are What we Eat . . .

Please consider these anti-aging food hints from “Reader Question:  I just turned 40 and more than ever want to do everything I can to slow the aging process.  I’ve heard about anti-aging nutrients, but I’m not sure what foods … Continue reading

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Wellness – Mind and Body “Exercising our minds should be approached much in the same way we exercise our bodies.” Works for me! No negative vibes (thanks – Donald Sutherland in Kelly’s Heroes). Control what you can for the better. Be at peace with … Continue reading

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Weight Control Practices

Ten essential practices for Weight Control from  : Mastering the Art of Eating Well.  Learn the elements of a satisfying, whole foods-based diet. Sitting Less, Moving More. Increase your activity level and regain energy and vitality. Managing Stress. Recognize … Continue reading

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Department of Health surveys- Boomers’ Cancer and Age relationships

Three (3) links as reality checks on Big C (Cancer) prospects and what we can do to minimize our statistical chances: Cancer and Your Age 1. From NewsMax – (unconfirmed source): “If you are age 55, you are 10 times … Continue reading

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Gents (and Ladies) Mastering Kettlebell Swings

Strength, Power, Conditioning: How to Master the Kettlebell Swing. Note the suggestion for Deadlift competence.   Thanks from Art of Manliness!

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How is your “V” Torso? V on with a Row to Pullup routine

A double move for your Back! From our fit friends at Men’s Health – this video showing proper Row to Pullup form for a great “Back Burner” should be of interest…

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