Department of Health surveys- Boomers’ Cancer and Age relationships

by | Apr 20, 2015

Three (3) links as reality checks on Big C (Cancer) prospects and what we can do to minimize our statistical chances: Cancer and Your Age

1. From NewsMax – (unconfirmed source):

“If you are age 55, you are 10 times more likely to die of cance  than when you were 35.

*             At age 65, cancer death is 20 times more likely than it was at 35.

*             By the time you reach 75, your risk of cancer death mushrooms to 40 times higher than it was at age 35.

*             And should you be fortunate enough to live to 85, your risk will be 60 times that of a 35-year-old.

This same government report says that the average age of death due to cancer is 70. Since life expectancy in the U.S. is now over 78, it appears that you can add at least eight healthy years to your life, maybe more, if you can just do one thing — avoid getting cancer.”

2. What NIH suggests:

Big “C” Statistics from the NIH


3. Five Signs you may get cancer

In my mind – these four lifestyle and environmental factors shape these statistics:

1. sunlight (excess)

2. stress

3. smoking  and

4. our diet.

Ironically – exercise can also induce free radicals in our systems (like items 1-3) – so the importance of effective anti-oxidation cannot be overstated in my book.


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