Weight Control Practices

Ten essential practices for Weight Control from http://weighttalk.net  fatman:

  1. Mastering the Art of Eating Well.  Learn the elements of a satisfying, whole foods-based diet.
  2. Sitting Less, Moving More. Increase your activity level and regain energy and vitality.
  3. Managing Stress. Recognize your stressors and use mindfulness to prepare for weight loss.
  4. Defeating Negative Thoughts. Replace unhelpful self-talk with a positive perspective.
  5. Gaining Control of the Environment. Modify your surroundings so only healthy options are present.
  6. Managing Time. Carve out more time for healthy eating, exercise, and sleep.
  7. Navigating Difficult Situations. Learn to make healthy choices when you dine out and attend parties.
  8. Keeping the Weight Off. Enjoy your success while upping your activity level and varying your diet.
  9. Rebounding From Lapses. Adopt the mindset and strategies that prevent minor slip-ups.
  10. Maintaining Motivation. Stay inspired by revisiting your values and rewarding yourself.

Remember, Boomers, that 2/3rds of Wellness comes from your best practices outside workout time and place.



About defpersonaltrainer

Elite Masters rower, Master Fitness trainer, a Baby KaBoomer whom advocates wellness through toe-to-temple activities like a sport well-oared.
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