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15 Superfoods for Boomers

AARP slides for 15 Superfoods These foods help protect eyes, lungs, heart and brain as we age. Some superfoods, like apples, are well-known. Fava beans?  Not so much. Dark chocolate – works for me! Yours in wellness, Dave Frost

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You’re Damned If You Diet and Damned If You Don’t

To Diet or Not to Diet? That is a Question Quoting, in part: “There’s some evidence to suggest that it may be doctors’ obsession with their scales that distracts from the health benefits of exercise and the ill effects of … Continue reading

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Three Days that Changed Europe (Waterloo)

Waterloo Bicentennial – June 1815 Quoting from this Economist post; “Waterloo not only brought to an end the extraordinary career of Napoleon Bonaparte, whose ambitions had led directly to the deaths of up to 6m people. It also redrew the … Continue reading

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Boomer Training and Recovery – Joe Friel guidance

I follow what this fine Masters athlete and coach offers for training and recovery. You might as well – see his blog: for the serious endurance athlete who wants to stay current on the science and art of training for … Continue reading

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Boomers- think Mediterranean (as in Diets)

Boost your Brain Power! Mediterranean Diet Boosts Brain Power, Clinical Study Finds (WSJ article) The popular diet, supplemented with olive oil or nuts, helped stave off cognitive decline

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