Time Magazine – Here’s Why Skin Cancer Rates Are Up—and How to Protect Yourself

by | Jun 16, 2015

Melanoma is fastest growing type of cancer – beware!

The rate of skin cancer has doubled over the last 30 years, according to new federal data.

Melanoma, specifically—which is the deadliest kind of skin cancer—is on the rise, and according to the latest research, the yearly cost of treating it is estimated to triple to a total of $1.6 billion in the year 2030.


One way to prevent skin cancer is to cover up, and sunscreen is typically a go-to to protect skin in the summer heat. However, recent data has suggested that while sunscreens add protection, they aren’t necessarily up to snuff and often brands make coverage claims they can’t really deliver. There’s also the fact that many Americans still don’t wear it daily (and many still use indoor tanning beds).

If you don’t think this is serious – talk to me. Luckily we caught my superficial melanoma early.

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