Getting over the “WALL”

by | Jan 26, 2016

Thanks to Brad McLeod at SealGrinderPT for this gouge about getting past a “bonk” point in life and workouts:

“If you are going to get out there and be challenged and hit obstacles – you are going to get knocked down.

After hitting multiple obstacles there may be a point that you literally “Hit the Wall”.
We also hear the term “bonk” but it usually means out of fuel (food).
You really think that you cannot go on any further.

David Goggins has said that when you hit that point you really are only 40% from being done.

What the heck… you have 60% left in your tank.
Yes; you will need fuel and water to get your body back up and going.
Yes; it is hard to keep pushing in long endurance events (shorter events can be harder at times).
What you do next will make or break you.

Tip #1
Make sure to get fuel. Water and carbs and a simple sugar (orange slice or peanut butter and honey sandwich) for example.  You can read more about the importance of fuel and hitting the wall in todays SGPT blog post interview from TJ Murphy. He gives great insight in how to avoid this issue.

Tip #2
Think about your “why” and your motivation.  If you are out there to finish the drill and help your team – you cannot let them down. For me – I used raising money for the Navy SEAL Foundation as my why.  It was hard for me to get off my bike after riding all night – when I knew that other veterans were sitting in a hospital without a leg.
Tip #3
Get back on the horse.
Put one foot in front of the other and make an effort to keep going.  Your team mates will see this and help you. If you make the effort — then things will start to work your way.  If you lay down like a wounded dog – then you will be doomed.
P.S. We have had tons of athletes step up and grab a copy of the recent SGPT Audio “Sharpen the Sword – Self Reliance”.  “

Brad McLeod


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