No excuse, Sir or Ma’am

by | Oct 16, 2017

Following my theme of wellness as an extended journey with speedbumps, confusing road signs, GPS mis-directions and such: Individual Responsibility and Accountability are next on my blogging plate.

No excuse, sir was one of my five boot camp (Plebe Summer) answers to a superior’s challenge.  I didn’t serve with any Ma’ams in my early uniform days…

President Harry Truman reminded West Wing visitors, “The Buck Stops Here.”

Who is / Are the Everybody, Anybody, Somebody and Nobody in Charles Osgood’s Responsibility Poem?

I can’t find many rational people who believe that it is easy to get fit and stay in that better way.  Fountain of Youth? Not.  Holy Grail? Nope…

I am lucky to be around many people who invest in regular work(outs) to put life in  their years.  Most of those ardent folks take responsibility for their being and wellness.  Most of those folks are accountable for putting themselves first.  Shucks – if Sir Richard Branson gets ~ 3 hours of extra daily productivity from his workouts – maybe we can, too?!

Q: Why didn’t you hit the jogging trail in the cold and dark, windy morning air?

A: No excuse, Sir or Ma’ am! I will hit it instead of going to Chipotle’s for lunch today.



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