Work ethic for a new Mister October

by | Oct 28, 2017

After this Wednesday’s epic World Series game 2 for the ages, I reflected on awesome achievements of the Houston Astros’ biggest “little” player – a 2nd baseman named Jose Altuve.

This “real deal” gent may be, as some folks write, the new face of Major League Baseball:

Sure, this 5’6″ 164 pound dynamo is blessed with fast twitch muscles and extraordinary hand-eye coordination and vision. But wait – there is much more!
His work ethic and investment in whole body/core regimens, as described by Men’s Health ( biggest-little-mvp-candidate-in mlb ) has to be an ingredient for MVP success:

“I do a lot of weightlifting in my training routine,” Altuve told Men’s Fitness. “I use high-intensity workouts and agility drills to help increase my speed while also maintaining my strength. I like to do different combinations using deadlifts, squats, sled workouts, and core work…”

Messages registered!
Whole Body.
– Core.
– Persistence.

We can strive to be our own personal most venerable and viral person [MVP] – yes?!


off to my workout . . .


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