Pilgrim Power without the extra pounds

by | Nov 19, 2017

Bounteous meals and together times make Thanksgivings in our country wonderful affairs.  We are particularly thankful for first responders, caregivers and military folks who spend Thursday, November 2rd away from loved ones.

Sad yet true than American adults may gradually gain ~ 2 pounds from this Feast through New Year’s revelry.  Sadder truths are that most of us don’t lose those packed on Pilgrim pounds, despite New Year’s resolutions. A cookie here, a skipped workout there.  It happens to most of us. The venerable NY Times painted a darker rest of the story a decade ago which hasn’t changed. The added poundage is non-linear for heavier folks.  “The extended period through New Year’s is more alcohol, more snacks, more finger food…”

What to do?

  1. Enjoy a jog or a race on Thanksgiving morning.  The original Turkey Trot began in Buffalo NY in 1896 with an intimate entry list of 6 runners.turkey trot Mary Forgione, LA Times writer, offered that that original Trot now has ~1,000 copy-gobbler events.  Find one near you, tack on that bib, and get a bling plus memories. Take a good stroll with pals, kids / grand-kids after your feast, which should be eaten early.  REV UP your Metabolism! Try an intermittent fast of at least 12 hours after Turkey Day – yet don’t pass out while BLACK Friday shopping. Moderate your alcohol – enjoy noble grapes and adult beverages – yet NOT too much.
  2. Pick a Challenge contest, like the excellent one offered by Concept II, and just do it’s taskings.  You’ll be better for your commitment and efforts.
  3. * Consume food in LEAST processed forms. Eat fresh. Enjoy plant-based calories (pumpkin is a very good food source – sans excess whipped cream).  A Vermonter like me might have warm pumpkin pie with just a savory sliver of extra sharp cheddar cheese, though my family unit rolls its eyes when I do 🙁
  4. Stay on the reservation for your rest and regimen for most of this Holiday season, regardless of whether your college / professional football team plays past January 1st.  Sure, a day off, without gluttony can be a good thing to keep one eager to sweat in following days.
  5. Author Matt Fitzgerald (Racing Weight) suggests, as does WEBMD that conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA,  “may” support weight management during the Holidays.  If you try CLA, buyer beware, as we always put in our mouse prints, for getting the right potency from trusted providers.
  6. This isn’t easy – yet truly try the good ‘ol portion control for “alcohol, more snacks, more finger food.”  Keep your small plaates…SMALL.
  7. Substitute veggies and low glycemic index yummies for more energy-dense carbs, and stay away from boxed hors-d’oeuvres.

We can enjoy these ~7 weeks of Holiday merriment each year without contributing our own avoirdupois statistics to alarming national trends.


Be well,



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