Seriously ?!

by | Dec 30, 2017

Yes, a New Year (2018) will soon be upon us.

Well intentioned hints to optimize personal resolutions for the next 365 days abound.  Me?  I believe that I have resolve, so I don’t focus on a New Year’s Day for a resolution (which, by the way,  statistically fails within 90 days or so). I set fitness goals regularly, then verify progress in my actions, plus adapt actions as needed in my quest for improvement in strength, stability, stamina and stretching.

Today’s Wall  Street Journal offered what your scribe considers a great coachable moment for New Years’ resolutions (of which fitness is the most common):

“Forget about getting better at what’s easy for you. Get better at what’s hard for you.

Jason Zweig (WSJ 30-31 December, 2018
Set the Bar High for your 2018 Resolutions

What’s Hard for me?

  • Handstand pushups, plyometric routines, ocean swimming and speedy (fast twitch) regimens are hard.  Century rides are hard for me, as I get a pain in the b&^*.
  • So is skipping a second glass of red wine on weeknights, in spite of its resveratrol.
  • Keeping my measured body fat under 12% is harder (using natural means), as I get older.
  • Getting up at 4:07 am to make my on-water rowing practices gets harder in my third act.
  • Investing daily time in mindful dreaming or focused effort is also hard.

Whether one sets his/her “bar high” as a fitness goal [my preference], or as a 2018 resolution [as tried by many] is less important than following the learned counsel of an uber-trainer named Yoda:

“DO or DO NOT.  There is NO TRY.”

Here’s to your and my measured goal achievement in the coming New Year!



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