Double Down Monday

by | Mar 5, 2018

Welcome, on this first Monday of March.

It is appropriate to cite this Women’s History Month for all to ponder; AND to remember that Act III folks, like Sir Winton Churchill, did amazing things at their own “Medicare age”. See BOOM_Churchill Wasn_t ‘Over the Hill_ in 1940 – WSJ 030418.. I hope that there is hope for me 🙂 .

First – Women. Without them, our zany world would be, by definition, different. FRom what I recall of grade school science, being an hermaphrodite (like an earthworm) doesn’t really appeal to me. Further, this scientific source, ,
suggests that, for hermaphrodites, “their self-sufficient sex lives could set them up for extinction.” Oy.

Bless them all – Grace Hopper, Eve, Lady Lovelace, Rosie Ruiz, Madame Curie, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Paula Fraser-Newby, my sainted Mum, and, and . . .

Here’s an appropriate tribute audio from TEDTALKS. This lady, Dr. Wendy Suzuki, espouses extraordinary benefits of exercise for our hippocampus, and overall wellness:


Betcha that you think I believe her! And I listened to my sainted Mum – about eating right, being trustworthy, and staying active. She is far from alone in history for women.

Celebrate, ladies!

Point two for today:
Encore Aged performance vs ageism: Gary Oldham’s OSCAR-awarded performance in “THE DARKEST HOUR” reminds us that age, treachery, and lessons of life can make certain folks special. Sir Winston was pretty special – I suspect you’ll agree – at age 65 and beyond.
Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are NO spring chickens, though I’d like them to work out a bit more and shy away from certain foods which they “own.” George Burns was a pretty happy gent, and he impacted others into his nineties. Ditto for Billy Graham (R I P).
My recurring theme is that one sorta has to get OLDER, yet he or she can avert getting “OLD.”

We can put life in our years and years in our life – yes?
7 Munificent Steps to Be Well Past Forty.



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