Spring Ahead ?! More are Dead

by | Mar 11, 2018

I believe in government of the people, by the people and for the people. After this chest thump, I share that I DO NOT believe in our almost-national semi-annual ritual of clock changes to “save energy”, make happier cows, or for whatever reason our politicos decry.

So, here we are again after our (for 48 states’) springs ahead – to kiss off a blessed hour – 60 minutes, 3600 seconds of what father time offers – to save electricity in business buildings. Time, tide and military formations wait for no man – I suppose 🙁
Yesterday’s Investor’s Daily offered that the spring ahead movement may NOT save electricity. Even if this political move did save kilowatts – what about us???

Dan Pink writes in “WHEN”, and other sources like procon.org procon.org that the “SLEEPY Monday” after Daylight Savings time begins is bad for folks:

1. facing tired judges at verdict time,
2. patients undergoing surgery with sleepy surgical teams,
3. commuters who are not-yet adjusted to their “new” circadian rhythms (it may take a week?). Accidents and auto-fatalities are higher.
4. And, rates of heart attacks and suicides are documented to be higher.

Sorry, upholders of the Uniform Time Act, I don’t get this… Woodrow Wilson, you kept us out of war (for a while) – yet your national decree in 1918 didn’t go well, according to Smithsonian Magazine Smithsonian Magazine:

“It didn’t go smoothly. In 1918, Easter Sunday fell on March 31, which led to a lot of latecomers to church services. Enraged rural and evangelical opponents thereafter blamed daylight saving for subverting sun time, or “God’s time.” Newspapers were deluged by letter writers complaining that daylight saving upset astronomical data and made almanacs useless, prevented Americans from enjoying the freshest early morning air, and even browned out lawns unaccustomed to so much daylight.

Within a year, daylight saving was repealed. But like most weeds, the practice thrived by neglect.”

Me? I lost an hour of my beauty sleep before a rowing scrimmage this morning. I had a wedding reception last night which was NOT to be missed. Life happens.
I took a long nap after lunch, hoping to avert Sleepy Monday.

Be well,


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