Pi Day and passage of S. Hawking

What might today, 3.14.18 and the passage of physicist (and former rowing coxswain) Stephen Hawking have to do with being Well Past Forty?

My short answer is a four-letter word -> T I M E.

Today is another great day in our T I M E to strive for  7 munificent S’s to be Well Past Forty.
– Did you take restful time to recharge your brain and body (7-9 hours)?
– Did you eat and hydrate well today (both macro- and micronutrients)?
– What hour of your day was/is devoted to stamina and sweat (to get endorphins pulsing)?  Remember – that hour is only 4% of your day. Sir Richard Branson offers that his hour devoted to fitness give him three (3) hours of productive time in his hectic day. How about you?                                                                                                         – Did you carve out a “coffee break” time to chill a bit, think mindfully and be grateful for being alive and well in this crazy world?

Nil time is needed to pop off 25 air squats for stability and strength.

How long does it take you to bound up a flight of office stairs?

Only 15 seconds of precious time are needed to check your stability – via your 1 legged stand with eyes closed.

And…stretch often to break up your screen time.

Circling back to Pi Day – there are many “STEM” factors at work in our complex, heavenly bodies. Burning “K” calories is just one example.  That release of heat (calories) fits into a law of thermodynamics which is mentioned in Hawking’s book    “A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME”. Honest.

To irrational number followers of Pi, and to scientists like Stephen Hawking, this day of fitness and wellness is for you (and for the rest of us).


Be Well.



About defpersonaltrainer

Elite Masters rower, Master Fitness trainer, a Baby KaBoomer whom advocates wellness through toe-to-temple activities like a sport well-oared.
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