Live well Sister Jean- what a Renegade 🙂

by | Mar 27, 2018

Okay, okay. I’ll help the Loyola of Chicago chaplain go viral.

How neat is it that a 98-year young Nun is the darling of 2018’s March Madness?  Where do I buy my red and gold socks with Sister Jean on them?

Does she eat the Mediterranean diet? Does she add years to her long life by socializing and being passionate about a cause larger than herself?

I believe so! Her TV persona exudes humor, confidence and love. If only I can be like her!

Note to self – I will strive to laugh, believe and trust.

How about you?

Nothing against blueblood basketball powers, but this Underdog Dave is pulling for Sister Jean’s Loyola Renegades in San Antonio.

If I live into my nineties- it may be due to similar wellness practices like those of our trending Chaplain.


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