National Doctor Day and us

by | Apr 6, 2018

I am honored to have a Doctor (MD) in the family- though not in the House.

Our daughter is a pediatrician and active Mom. So I don’t get to reference her as a sports medicine, gerontology or internal medicine expert for many, many wellness issues which arise in lives of us baby boomers. I’m okay with her specialty, by the way…

Yet our national day of recognition for MDs prompted this weblog and will serve its scribe well in scads  of supporting passages in an upcoming book titled  BOOM: Your Well Past Forty Alamanck.

Sure- many guys in my Boomer generation would rather get a root canal than visit their MDs for routine physical checkups.

This is just too bad. Doctors are NOT to be avoided. My same assertion is valid for a boomer-aged guy whom has a physical reason to seek MD help yet doesn’t. That too is a shame.

FACT: There isn’t a digital recital exam as part of every Doc visit one makes. Not that any gent  is keen on grabbing his ankles and experiencing what women experience with MD fingers in lubed latex gloves.

I advocate full lab tests (blood and urine) yearly.

Sure-  there may be false positives- such as for potassium levels in my case. Sure, lab results can seem arcane or downright confusing.

And, in some cases like for magnesium, one’s serum level of magnesium may NOT be indicative of MG levels in our cells.

I’m sure that there are other “YES But” reasons for not getting on a doctor’s calendar for regular physical  or specific reasons.

If I may borrow from Nike Corporation, guys – just do it.

If you aren’t in good physical or wellness “shape” – a professional opinion as part of Physical Aptitude Readiness is suggested for all boomers, and I consider to be semi-mandatory if boomers are over the age of 65 in our country.

Family Histories, personal indicators like BP and cholesterol ratios, plus conditions or diseases affect what we certified personal trainers should plan and do for clients.

Enough said?

Be well and get routine health checkups- please!


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