Patriots Day 42K, then Tax Day

by | Apr 17, 2018

As a former clydesdale marathoner, I commend all Boston Marathoners for their “gut” performances yesterday in yucky wet race conditions.  That was a wet Patriots Day fer sure – and the Red Sox called the Fenway game off.

We San Diegans are proud of Hilltop HS grad, Desiree Linden, who glided through that monsoon weather to be our first American winners in 33 years!  And where did 7 of the top 10 women’s finishers hail from?  All USA baby.

A marathon is a gnarly 42K way of burning about a pound of body fat for fuel.  These crucible runs are also gnarly creators of the break down to build up C6-C10 processes in our amazing bods.  Just remember to take plenty of anti-oxidants to counter bounteous oxidative free radicals generated by those hearty strides.

Tax Day – smack day . . . I was fortunate to complete our simple Federal and State returns some time ago.  So I invested part of today’s Tax Day hiking a local trail called Iron Mountain in Poway. Sunny and cool conditions for me – take that Bostonians.  I logged plenty of ascent and descent training for my assault on Mount Whitney in about 5 weeks. Crowley and Dodge remind us Boomers that we should choose “kedge” events on which to focus and achieve.  I’ve never truly enjoyed hiking, as it turns so long to get anyplace.  I’m trying to adjust to shanks mare aerobic exercise after many moons of rowing.  Call that my cross training, I suppose.  Onward and Upward.  Well done, Desiree!


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