Tribute to A Man in Full

by | May 23, 2018

I join legions of sad admirers who miss author Tom Wolfe.

In earlier days, THE RIGHT STUFF got me motivated.

In years past, I’ve tried to be A MAN IN FULL.  As a new Medicare and Social Security-aged ward of our great country, I reckoned it was indeed time to start crossing items off my bucket list.

So, after (finally) gaining a HAMMER for World Indoor Rowing, I shifted to terra firma workouts for a spell, and renewed my actions to tackle the Mount Whitney Trail.

On Monday, May 21st, I ascended the Mount Whitney trail. Not a daytrip summit hike, only a 1/2 Whitney as it turned out. This was my situation at 11,000 feet at about 9:45 in the morning:

Frosty at 11,000 feet.  This was a weather first for this rookie hiker – lightning, thunder and getting pelted by frozen peas – all alone with this grand mountain. I will be back, in mid-summer, and probably with another steely-eyed ascender for this impressive hunk of granite created by glaciers ~ 100 million years ago.

On my descent (which I reckon I timed well for the snowstorm) – I lost the trail markings and invested time and steps to find my way back home.  Be Prepared as a note to self!

I did have fun, before and after my 9:45 epiphany.

This was another Frosty on the mountain (as in snowman):

Frosty on Mt Whitney 052118

A half Whitney (and a darned private one!).


Be well and keep on truckin’…


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