To supplement or not to supplement – that is the question…

If a published statistic is fairly accurate – only half of all adults in our fair land take supplements of one flavor or another.

Hmmm.  That factoid has this non-professional nutritionist pondering why.

Do those other halves believe that our soil is as fertile as in the past?

Do folks in the other halfsy believe that their normal diet provides adequate micro-nutrients and prebiotics plus probiotics?

I’m one to believe that our modern lives can benefit from prudent supplementation.  I’m not talking about steroids. CLA or  – just magnesium, biotin, a bit of sauerkraut and greek yogurt.

Remember that normal blood draws may not tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What is your supplementation plan?



Waist to Hip measures!

Your humble scribe absolutely positively dislikes the venerable Body Mass Indicator (BMI) calculation to estimate obesity.  I curse that Belgian Adolphe Quetelet whom invented the index in the mid-1800s. Why? Athletes like me – with low body fat are regularly and erroneously classified as overweight or obese.

And simple waist measures may NOT be accurate guesstimates of obesity (which we acknowledge as a MAJOR health risk – yes?).

Enter the waist to hip measure – see (which anyone can perform privately – all you need to do is shed your clothes and uses a flexible tape measure.  Pick your body circumference just above your navel, then measure the widest spot around your hips.

Men – do your best to get your W-H ratio less than 1.0.

Ladies – strive for a W-H ratio less than 0.8 (even after childbirth).


Be more of a pear-shaped person than apple-shaped.

Yours in wellness,




Ah – it’s that achy time of year (again) for us Northern Hemisphere denizens.

(I’m not typing about Daylight Savings time which I think is a dumb and dumber idea, by the way).
FLU Season image healthyagingwebsite

Thanks to our Center for Disease Control (CDC) for this animated image


Sure – there is controversy as to whether our annual flu shots help most of us or not. As with most “insurance products” – one could play the odds.  I chose not to do that, being a slightly at-risk baby boomer with prior pneumonias in my medical history.

A simple yet effective step to avoid your FLU infection in 20118/2019 is to:

Wash your Paws (thoroughly)!

– A corollary addition for airline passengers, you should avoid touching your eyes, and keep your nose and eyes moist in-flight.

Back to the hashtag;  A Scripps Hospital posting offers, “experts are crafting vaccines to prevent influenza A H3N2 (the predominant strain last season), A H1N1 and two influenza B viruses that are reportedly on the rise.

Although the 2017–18 flu shot was only around 45 percent effective when averaging all strains, it’s still recommended for anyone who is older than 6 months and not allergic. It’s by far the best way to prevent the flu, or at least lessen the unpleasant symptoms that come with it, like fever, body aches and fatigue.”

Naturally, I’ll close with simple yet hard reminders to: get plenty of rest, exercise, hydrate, eat well and keep one’s stresses(cortisol) under control.   


Yours in Wellness,