When the Weather outside is Frightful

by | Dec 17, 2018

This topic is a tad offbeat for me – as we’ll “endure” 80-degree temperatures in Southern California this week.  And shame on me if I don’t get my daily doses of vitamin D when my weather is just delightful.  For folks who like white stuff and frost on the pumpkins – this “frightful” weather reminder for wellness is for you.

  1. Safety – use very good judgment for attire, exposure and contingency communication plans are muy importante.  A snowshoe trek may be great until it’s not when you lose your path and your cell phone is out of coverage. Does someone know the route you took? What’s your plan B?
  2. Hydration – as our Winter solstice comes and goes – it is human nature to forego or lessen your hydration when at work or play.  Don’t!  An adult should sip at least 64 ounces of water / clear liquid every day whatever the temperature or humidity may be.  Start early with a coupla glasses of lemon-spritzed water with your breakfast (if it’s a non-fasting day).  If you’re intermittently fasting – STILL chug a lug.  Your muscles are normally at least 40% water – so remember your H2O. Your body is about 1/2 water content, so remember your H2O.
  3. Resolutions – early in each new year we are reminded of how few of our resolutions keep traction on wintry ice for more than a month.  And stress grows as those holiday pounds make your attire a tad snug.                                My only resolve?  I will stick to an 80-20 rule for good habits 51 weeks each year (in fitness, and sustenance practices) being our 80%.  Protein ( 3/4 to one ounce of protein daily per pound of current body weight) is a key macronutrient for that 80% (SUGAR and simple CARBS are NOT).
  4. DENIAL – those 1-2 pounds of white body fat an average boomer gains from Turkey Day through Epiphany should not be denied.  I’ve don’t want to head down that DA NILE river, and I hope that you don’t either.  I’ll just work it off on a weekend ski trip?  NOT.  We need to do better than that.  Mom was right about an ounce of prevention.
  5. Stress NOT (or as little as humanly possible).  We’ve all been there / done that with seasonal stress that shouldn’t be there – YET  IT IS.  Elders don’t remember how demanding they can be on your time and talent.  Uncle Charlie or Aunt Rachel make you bite your tongue with their familial antics.  Your kids and grandkids can knock you off your 80-20 routine. You know the drills as I do. Do your best to relax, decompress by whatever means you can (hot baths, punching bag, solo strolls,  or breaking a sweat).  When your cortisol levels are up from social stress – those holiday sweets go directly to white fat storage.


Dave F.


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