Do we agree that Stretching and Stability Moves are muy importante?

I’m not a formal yoga practitioner, yet I do apply “yoga moves” without knowing the correct Sanskrit asana (pose) titles.  Someday . . .

Here’s a laid back Hero’s Pose, which is officially a “supta-virasana” according to the good folks @ yogaanatomy.netsupta-virasana_reclining hero pose yogaanatomy dot net 1-19

Now – be a hero!  This is what a physical therapist advised when I experienced one – is a “GOOD STRETCH!”

If your interest in yoga for mindful stretching and stability (I hope that it is indeed) is piqued – this web link offers ten starting asanas:

My royalty-paid image below sorta summarizes important aspects of Boomer stability and stretching.

Dynamic stretching in all three body planes is a no brainer (right?) before strength or stamina regimens (evidenced by the “cardio” runner :

  1. side to side (think side lunge variations)
  2. front to back (envision Bird bobbers or Good mornings to stretch posterior chains)
  3. rotational or torque twists as I call ’em (think wood chops)

stretch and stability boom shutterstock_png

Static stretching and deep core “cool downs” are definite no-brainers as well.

Remember that one measure of expected longevity (which should be of interest to many Boomers) – is standing on one leg with eyes closed for 15 seconds or more.

Stability and Stretches DO matter!


be well,


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