Say Cheese!

by | Jan 15, 2019

I’m fortunate to be lactose tolerant, so my universe of dairy products is bigger than for some of you.

A favorite dairy product of mine is CHEESE

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“Right” cheeses, meaning natural and “not too fat, not too salty”, are super duper add-ons to my diet. Saturated fats in most cheeses can be problematic, so do read package labels – okay?

When I’m a bad boy (in my 80/20 eating regimen) – a shaken vodka martini with blue-cheese-stuffed olives is special for me.


The very good folks at VERYWELLFIT offer a fine summary of Good and Not-so-Good cheeses, their nutritional value, and potential diet benefits.

Good?  Mozzarella, Parmesan, Swiss.

Not-so good? Cheddars if calories and saturated fat are a concern.  This hurts me as a devoted CABOT Cheese fan and Vermonter.  We Green Mountain Boys love our dairy – eh yup.

Malo?  Processed or “faux” cheese – such as cheese whiz, wrapped cheese singles, and  out-of-a-jar cheese dips.

If your Doctor and you are game – go for the real deal and enjoy.  There are potential dietary benefits. For one, the protein level and fat content of good cheeses help one feel “full.”

Watch the saturated fat and sodium, and enjoy.

Yours in wellness,



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