Put a bit more Zest in your KaBoomer life!

Happy Friday, KaBoomers!

If you didn’t know about “all” lemony benefits – read on…

You can trust this source – I promise . . . https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/6-lemon-health-benefits

Improve heart health (Vitamin C), reduce chances for kidney stones, possiblly help with weight loss and fight cancer !!

Why does citric juice keep your guacamole from darkening (aka oxidizing?). The lemon are ANTI-oxidants, countering oxidative free radicals.

But wait – there is MORE! The zest and peel are notably more potent for this than the lemon innards.

Be Zesty! Would Science Direct mislead us?

From just 1 scientific study,

” use of citrus peel extract is recommended as a natural antioxidant to suppress development of rancidity in oils and fats.”


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