Summers of 1939, ’69 and 2019

by | Aug 31, 2019

As we face our unofficial end of summer on Labor Day, I feel reflective about other
“9er” summers.  This weblog isn’t all about wellness, so I’ll remind my readers upfront to stay hydrated – drinking before thirst – even as days get shorter and temperatures get cooler.  Like this coxswain 🙂

Get together with a Guinness

So here goes my WAYBACK MACHINE – – –

1939 – FDR was President and our country was still working its way out of its Great Depression.  Then, on 9/1/1939, Hitler’s German Blitzkrieg began what became WWII. Oy.

1969 – Thirty years later, America’s Greatest Generation and we 75-million baby boomers experienced the highs and lows of the summer of ’69:

  • Stonewall
  • Woodstock (my “fast” classmates went to that spectacle – honest)
  • Apollo 11 and one small step for man on 7/20/, with a Tricky Dick and Neil Armstrong phone conversation
  • the hemorrhages of our Vietnam conflict
  • the Miracle Mets (my team)
  • my defining bus and hiking trip to/from Philmont, New Mexico with Boy Scouts
  • getting fit for HS football with Manasquan’s Big Blue Warriors – running on our famed beach sand
  • Men and women Aussies ruled at the US Open Tennis championships
  • Babe Parilli and Broadway Joe Namath were QBs for the NY Jets in summer training

2019 – Prospects for a female field goal kicker look better than ever (Ms. Lloyd from our champ soccer squad). Federer and Williams have their work cut out for them at this year’s US Open tennis. Those damn Yankees look impressive.  TB12 is missing the Gronk at Foxboro. Tiger Wood has knee problems, and I am living the dream as a teacher, physical trainer, and tutor.  Our son is newly married.  I am logging many meters on the water and on indoor rowers to prepare for the Head of Carles Regatta in October.


Oh, the Oracle of Omaha is 89 years young too. Live long, Warren Buffett!

Who knows what the summer of 2029 will bring?  I don’t.


Be well,






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