Rise up for Active Aging Week 2019 #activeagingweek

“Live your Adventures!”

I received a message from our regional YMCA that 30SEP-06OCT is ACTIVE AGING WEEK.

Why is this week chosen as ACTIVE AGING WEEK?  A trivial pursuit answer is that this week aligns with October 1st – which is our International Day of Older Persons.

I love descriptors “active” and “older”.  How about y’all who are WELL PAST FORTY as I am?  Those two adjectives certainly beat “sedentary” and “OLD” – yes?

Cherish these brainyquote words from centenarian George Burns:



The Y advises that anyone over 50 years young gets FREE classes and services next week.

[Poor Frosty timing as I won’t be in town to take FREE classes].

I don’t know if this generous commitment by our San Diego Ys (all 18 of ’em) extends to other parts of our fair land…

Click on over to the main ACTIVE AGING website to consider other activities. 

This active ager appreciated what the Canada-based International Council on Aging does for folks in our “gray” demographic!  I applaud the ICAA’s mission to change “society’s perceptions of aging and improving the quality of life for aging Baby Boomers …”.

KaBoomers – go for the gusto – during this special week.  And…add an adventure every week thereafter.

BEAT “sedentary” and “old.”

Be well!


Master Fitness Trainer




September Stretches

Greetings in early Autumn!

How much Stretching is enough to keep you supple and to stay safer from injury?

Golly, I wish my answer was simple.  Professionals’ answers vary.  Your stretching routines and excursions are based on age, chosen activity, and your balance. Why balance?  Well, as an example, a side-plank hold with reach through stretch motion requires balance -see https://youtu.be/O8K_i5dGe_c

If I am tight or sore – which tends to be every day that ends in a “Y” – I stretch.

As an AARP member, I peek at “my” large lobbying outfit’s website occasionally.  This stretch link did not disappoint me 🙂 and it was probably was worth my annual dues.

  • Many of us “mature” athletes recall when pre-exercise or sport stretching was opposite to what we preach and practice today.  Do you remember long, static stretches recommended before you worked out?

Today, most of us fitness pros advocate dynamic stretching before main workouts. What are dynamic stretches?  In short – you move, like lunging moves.  There are many to choose and tailor for your daily doings.  This youtube video gives you a good range of dynamic stretches to consider, then leverage.

Duh – your stretches should reflect your activity.  Runner’s dynamic stretches differ from rowers’.

Then, post workouts stretches are static, in which you hold a stretch position (with great breathing technique – btw) for 15-20 seconds. Redefine Strength shares this second stretch show.

Ranges of motion, proper breathing and balance are important.

Do not be in a rush, or skip your stretches, please!

Stretch_WordCloud_pigeon pose_Word Art 7.jpeg

Hey Dave, is it possible to stretch too much?  Probably – yet our muscles don’t mind if you have the time.  And DO make the time.

Be well,

Dave F.


Weekend words from the “Austrian Oak”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator and ex–Golden State governor, recently offered thoughts about youth, diet, and exercise imperatives.

Regarding his “see food” diet of earlier days, the Terminator offered that, “young get away with a lot of things.”


Heart surgery and added years (he is a leading-edge KaBoomer at age 72), are factors in his reflective and active efforts to remain healthy.

He doesn’t lift as “heavy” as he did when in body-building prime or movies.  Yet he lifts regularly.

He focuses more on plant-based nutrition.

And, he maintains hus unique joie de vivre.

Kudos, Terminator!  Check this MAXIM interview with Arnold if you resonate with his approach.

EAt clean, move heavy stuff regularly, and keep your sense of humor.  You’ll “be back.”



Peaking performance – and Happy Autumn

Ahhh. the weather is cooler, which a Green Mountain man named FROST likes.  Yet this same dude selfishly likes longer days of Vitamin D.

So it goes for the seasons, with peaks of autumn color to come shortly.  As a Vermonter, I do love peeking at those colored maples and oaks in their prime time before winter sets!

Peaking? How about one’s performance peaks?

I am amidst a heavy volume period for training. This loading (aka exercise stress) demonstrably slowed my peak performance for a 5,000 rowing time trial this week.  NOTE to SELF – R&R means something special. Even more so when a guy who “races 66” is seat-racing younger athletes.

Thanks to Keith Edwards for this performance equation as a Frosty reminder:

Stress-Rest-Growth keith edwards

GET some REST to ROW and GROW faster!

While we’re peeking at PEAKs – here is a mind and matter model for athletes of all ages:


Citation: Samulski, Dietmar & Lopes, Mariana. (2011). Counseling Brazilian athletes during the Olympic Games in Athens 2004: Important issues and intervention techniques. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. 6. 10.1080/1612197X.2008.9671872.

Be well, Boomers!



Well Past Forty is listed as a “Best of Strength & Conditioning Coaches in San Diego for 2019”

Kudos to Well Past Forty!

“Best of” Selection criteria were:

  • Experience – Years in business and education related to their field of expertise
  • Professionalism – A dedication to quality work and outstanding customer service
  • Reputation – Excellent recommendations from satisfied customers
  • Engagement – Responsiveness and willingness to engage with customers.
couple of hands
Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com


Nunc coepi – midweek Latin

Now I begin” is the motto of NFL quarterback Philip Rivers.

nunc coepi 17 P Rivers

Though he isn’t one of “us” , Rivers’ motto rings true for many KaBoomers.

  • You see, it doesn’t matter what is in your/my rearview mirror.
  • What matters much more is what you do today, and tomorrow in your new beginnings.

On a similar wavelength, Admiral William McRaven advised that making your bed is a GREAT beginning to every day.  Take that Bin Laden!

Begin anew on this hump day, the last Wednesday in our summer of 2019.

I never took Latin (or typing) in school.  I will remember Nunc Coepi, like I remember “carpe diem.”

Be well in your new beginning!


Quite a week! Weekend wisps

TGI Friday in this late summer week of interesting and historic events! Yup – health and wellness implications are included in these weekend wisps.

  1. We observed our 18th anniversary of those dastardly 9/11/2001 attacks on our country.

2. We, as patterned people, celebrate a string of calendar day palindromes, too! This week is the last in our 21st century of palindromic dates due to Pope Gregory’s calendar system. This situational string began last Tuesday (9/10/19).

So . . . that recent date of  9/10/19 is a palindrome reading the same in left to right and right to left directions.

And our National Day of Service (9/11/19) was the next.

9/12/19?  The same, same result left to right and vice versa = palindrome.

9/13/19?  Yup.

9/14/19, 9/15/19, 9/16/19, 9/17/19, 9/18/19, and 9/19/19 follow as calendar palindromes.


What does this have to do with Well Past Forty? Such number games help to keep a Boomer’s mind sharp, in the same yet different way than counting backward from 100 by 7s… Try it! 100-93-86-…

And speaking of patterns, tonight’s Harvest Moon – a bright full moon – is the last “national” full moon on Friday the 13th until 2049.  Enjoy tonight’s and mark your calendars for the next one – thirty years hence 🙂


3. Today is National Avocado Day.  We in Southern California bemoan that our peak superfood avocado harvests have come and gone. So we make do and import Mexican and South American avocados to eat those wonderful “fatty” macros with excellent micronutrients too!  Yes, prices can get a bit high off-season, yet superfoods are —SUPER!  And yes – avocados are officially labeled as berries.

Did we discuss how avocados [like quality olive oils] help our livers naturally de-tox due to their oleic acid potency? Think anti-inflammatory properties too when you get that healthy guacamole ready for tailgate rallies this football season.


Be well, even on this spooky Friday the 13th Full moon day.




We won’t back down

Few folks cannot recall where they were on that fateful morning (est) of September 11th, 2001.

It was an afternoon for me outside London when a BBC radio announcer stated, “the skyline of Manhattan is changed forever.”  Chilling to hear that wide open declaration for sure!

Today’s WS Journal had a full-page request for all American politicians to remember the unity and common cause – for our great experiment – as we mustered in those hours and days after 9/11.  From many – One.

I remember too many heroic efforts – including the iconic BC guy in a Red Bandana – Welles Crowther.  As President Obama shared at the dedication of the extraordinary National 9/11 Memorial in 2014,

“They didn’t know his name. They didn’t know where he came from. But they knew their lives had been saved by the man in the red bandana.”  Perhaps eighteen souls saved.  Wow.

May America always find selfless ladies and men as its first responders and selfless heroes.

Do visit the National 9/11 Memorial, again and again.

I’ll listen to these tribute tunes today as I sweat and celebrate a great country.  Not a perfect union. Yet I’d rather live, work and play in our USA than anywhere else.

  • “Where Were You? (When The World Stopped Turning)” Alan Jackson. …
  • “Empire State Of Mind” Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys. …
  • “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American)” Toby Keith. Lyric: “Now this nation that I love is fallin’ under attack. …
  • “Have You Forgotten?” Darryl Worley. …
  • “Undivided” Bon Jovi.

And I’ll add a workout favorite – “I Won’t Back Down.”


Be well and stand your ground!



Weekend Wisdom

Ah- football season is upon us.

I do enjoy these collegiate and professional gladiator matchups, and admire what those beefy fast twitch athletes can do in “6 seconds”.

That acknowledged, I wouldn’t encourage a grandson to play this contact sport. Until technology allows- we only have one brain apiece.

That brain can be stimulated and exercised much better in closed cycle activities like rowing.

And on topic of Cycling- I read about Peloton’s planned IPO in today’s WSJournal. May be a “tough ride.”

I don’t need an expensive bike, synthetic instructor and serious dues to listen to my heart rate.

Be well in these closing days of summer ’19.


Wednesday’s word – HABIT

As we age, it is inevitable that we get set in our ways – yes?

If those ways support your leaner, fitter and longer lifespan on this crazy planet – great!

If those “I’ve always been this way” habits have you out of shape, then finding ways to move and sweat and eat well and de-stress are imperatives.  I often acknowledge that important things are simple, yet simple things are hard.

Building sustaining habits to increase your physical 401K holdings sound simple – YET can be hard.

We KaBoomers focus on our goal to party past ninety, and to sweat more than our peers.  Remember that Coach Lou Holtz advised that “none of us ever drowned in sweat.”

Getting sweaty six days a week is a GOOD habit to establish and sustain.  Our significant others, kids, grandkids, and associates will admire us for that.  I guarantee it.