No kidding – Robert Frost & Ralph Waldo Emerson are relatives

Sure – we’re all related in the family of man and woman.  And sure – you and I may be linked via the 6-degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Anyway . . . I, David Emerson Frost, of Vermont stock, justly claim two poetic giants as forbearers.

Much ado about your stamininety journey traces to poetic words of Frost and Emerson.

“I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference.”  RF

“Do not go where the path leads.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”                                                                                                                                   RWE

It is no coincidence that my chosen logo for Well Past Forty is a hiker.


Nor is it a coincidence that the theme for this website shows a road less traveled.

My goal in our KaBoomer years is to help you get untracked to leave your own, different trail – a long and well-lived trail.  Just as those two New Englanders penned.

Be well, and habitually enjoy the road that rises to greet ya.



About defpersonaltrainer

Elite Masters rower, Master Fitness trainer, a Baby KaBoomer whom advocates wellness through toe-to-temple activities like a sport well-oared.
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