Wednesday’s word – HABIT

by | Sep 4, 2019

As we age, it is inevitable that we get set in our ways – yes?

If those ways support your leaner, fitter and longer lifespan on this crazy planet – great!

If those “I’ve always been this way” habits have you out of shape, then finding ways to move and sweat and eat well and de-stress are imperatives.  I often acknowledge that important things are simple, yet simple things are hard.

Building sustaining habits to increase your physical 401K holdings sound simple – YET can be hard.

We KaBoomers focus on our goal to party past ninety, and to sweat more than our peers.  Remember that Coach Lou Holtz advised that “none of us ever drowned in sweat.”

Getting sweaty six days a week is a GOOD habit to establish and sustain.  Our significant others, kids, grandkids, and associates will admire us for that.  I guarantee it.


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