Quite a week! Weekend wisps

by | Sep 14, 2019

TGI Friday in this late summer week of interesting and historic events! Yup – health and wellness implications are included in these weekend wisps.

  1. We observed our 18th anniversary of those dastardly 9/11/2001 attacks on our country.

2. We, as patterned people, celebrate a string of calendar day palindromes, too! This week is the last in our 21st century of palindromic dates due to Pope Gregory’s calendar system. This situational string began last Tuesday (9/10/19).

So . . . that recent date of  9/10/19 is a palindrome reading the same in left to right and right to left directions.

And our National Day of Service (9/11/19) was the next.

9/12/19?  The same, same result left to right and vice versa = palindrome.

9/13/19?  Yup.

9/14/19, 9/15/19, 9/16/19, 9/17/19, 9/18/19, and 9/19/19 follow as calendar palindromes.


What does this have to do with Well Past Forty? Such number games help to keep a Boomer’s mind sharp, in the same yet different way than counting backward from 100 by 7s… Try it! 100-93-86-…

And speaking of patterns, tonight’s Harvest Moon – a bright full moon – is the last “national” full moon on Friday the 13th until 2049.  Enjoy tonight’s and mark your calendars for the next one – thirty years hence 🙂


3. Today is National Avocado Day.  We in Southern California bemoan that our peak superfood avocado harvests have come and gone. So we make do and import Mexican and South American avocados to eat those wonderful “fatty” macros with excellent micronutrients too!  Yes, prices can get a bit high off-season, yet superfoods are —SUPER!  And yes – avocados are officially labeled as berries.

Did we discuss how avocados [like quality olive oils] help our livers naturally de-tox due to their oleic acid potency? Think anti-inflammatory properties too when you get that healthy guacamole ready for tailgate rallies this football season.


Be well, even on this spooky Friday the 13th Full moon day.





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