Nunc coepi – midweek Latin

by | Sep 18, 2019

Now I begin” is the motto of NFL quarterback Philip Rivers.

nunc coepi 17 P Rivers

Though he isn’t one of “us” , Rivers’ motto rings true for many KaBoomers.

  • You see, it doesn’t matter what is in your/my rearview mirror.
  • What matters much more is what you do today, and tomorrow in your new beginnings.

On a similar wavelength, Admiral William McRaven advised that making your bed is a GREAT beginning to every day.  Take that Bin Laden!

Begin anew on this hump day, the last Wednesday in our summer of 2019.

I never took Latin (or typing) in school.  I will remember Nunc Coepi, like I remember “carpe diem.”

Be well in your new beginning!



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