Peaking performance – and Happy Autumn

Ahhh. the weather is cooler, which a Green Mountain man named FROST likes.  Yet this same dude selfishly likes longer days of Vitamin D.

So it goes for the seasons, with peaks of autumn color to come shortly.  As a Vermonter, I do love peeking at those colored maples and oaks in their prime time before winter sets!

Peaking? How about one’s performance peaks?

I am amidst a heavy volume period for training. This loading (aka exercise stress) demonstrably slowed my peak performance for a 5,000 rowing time trial this week.  NOTE to SELF – R&R means something special. Even more so when a guy who “races 66” is seat-racing younger athletes.

Thanks to Keith Edwards for this performance equation as a Frosty reminder:

Stress-Rest-Growth keith edwards

GET some REST to ROW and GROW faster!

While we’re peeking at PEAKs – here is a mind and matter model for athletes of all ages:


Citation: Samulski, Dietmar & Lopes, Mariana. (2011). Counseling Brazilian athletes during the Olympic Games in Athens 2004: Important issues and intervention techniques. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. 6. 10.1080/1612197X.2008.9671872.

Be well, Boomers!



About defpersonaltrainer

Elite Masters rower, Master Fitness trainer, a Baby KaBoomer whom advocates wellness through toe-to-temple activities like a sport well-oared.
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