September Stretches

by | Sep 25, 2019

Greetings in early Autumn!

How much Stretching is enough to keep you supple and to stay safer from injury?

Golly, I wish my answer was simple.  Professionals’ answers vary.  Your stretching routines and excursions are based on age, chosen activity, and your balance. Why balance?  Well, as an example, a side-plank hold with reach through stretch motion requires balance -see

If I am tight or sore – which tends to be every day that ends in a “Y” – I stretch.

As an AARP member, I peek at “my” large lobbying outfit’s website occasionally.  This stretch link did not disappoint me 🙂 and it was probably was worth my annual dues.

  • Many of us “mature” athletes recall when pre-exercise or sport stretching was opposite to what we preach and practice today.  Do you remember long, static stretches recommended before you worked out?

Today, most of us fitness pros advocate dynamic stretching before main workouts. What are dynamic stretches?  In short – you move, like lunging moves.  There are many to choose and tailor for your daily doings.  This youtube video gives you a good range of dynamic stretches to consider, then leverage.

Duh – your stretches should reflect your activity.  Runner’s dynamic stretches differ from rowers’.

Then, post workouts stretches are static, in which you hold a stretch position (with great breathing technique – btw) for 15-20 seconds. Redefine Strength shares this second stretch show.

Ranges of motion, proper breathing and balance are important.

Do not be in a rush, or skip your stretches, please!

Stretch_WordCloud_pigeon pose_Word Art 7.jpeg

Hey Dave, is it possible to stretch too much?  Probably – yet our muscles don’t mind if you have the time.  And DO make the time.

Be well,

Dave F.



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