Question: What do Boomer Men Do to relax, while Women want to relax to Do?



(Dr. Ruth and you decide if this answer is a laughing matter or not . . . )

Answer: It is the fourth “F” of human behavior– the first three Fs being: fight, flight, and food (or fear).  You may enjoyDoctor Robert Sapolsky’s book on Stress titled Why Zebras don’t Get Ulcers.”  

Right – the 4th “F” is a four-letter word for one type of sex act which rhymes with stuck.

Mars and Venus

We know that our central nervous system is a prime player in this behavioral act – right?  We also know that there are a whole bunch of chemical reactions and chemical messages flowing … Here is what one Ph.D. offers about sex and endocrinal hormones:

“If fast-acting adrenaline was bad for you, then having good sex would be almost the same as being chased by a lion, in terms of stress at least. What is different is that after sex, you might relax and think about having something to eat. After being chased by a lion, you don’t relax and you think about being eaten.” 


Our classic gender analogy of Mars and Venus suggests that men and women (adults) have different “props” to address aging and that fourth F:

“… older men and women believe sex is important and maintain an active sex life. A majority of them are willing, if not eager, to see what they can do to continue to be sexually active for as long as possible…there does not seem to be a magic elixir that will prop up women’s ardor in the same way erectile dysfunction drugs, shots, or pumps can prop up a penis.”  Touche!

What do credible experts offer about healthy BENEFITS of this natural act for us humans?

  • Here is a 45-second video link from WEBMD which credibly documents health benefits after pillow play or romps – – –

  1. better sleep
  2. lower tension
  3. immune system boost
  4. enhanced cognition
  5. heart health,  and (for Martians)
  6. fewer prostate gland problems.

Note the sad yet true contrast of those six benefits above with Healthline’s list of sexual and health problems stemming from low Testosterone (T) levels:

As I stated in my book’s strength chapter about low “T”;

See something? Say something!

And guys – there are natural ways to pump up your nitric oxide levels for performance.

  1. Spinach? Yup – Popeye was on to something.
  2. Oysters? Yup. Same for beef, eggs, and tuna.
  3. Restful, restorative sleepThat’s a “T” imperative too.  See

Baby Boomers – – – YES we can (and we SHOULD) find ways for arousal and satisfaction as we age.  Homer Simpson just might find better ways and bedroom priorities (He “was 62” this year):

simpsons_elephnat in the room

Thanks to for this meme…

Rather, I trust Dr. Perelman (WEBMD) if you don’t yet trust me 🙂  to reaffirm aged arousals:

Ladies and Gentlemen: Yes, we can…



No kidding – Robert Frost & Ralph Waldo Emerson are relatives

Sure – we’re all related in the family of man and woman.  And sure – you and I may be linked via the 6-degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Anyway . . . I, David Emerson Frost, of Vermont stock, justly claim two poetic giants as forbearers.

Much ado about your stamininety journey traces to poetic words of Frost and Emerson.

“I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference.”  RF

“Do not go where the path leads.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”                                                                                                                                   RWE

It is no coincidence that my chosen logo for Well Past Forty is a hiker.


Nor is it a coincidence that the theme for this website shows a road less traveled.

My goal in our KaBoomer years is to help you get untracked to leave your own, different trail – a long and well-lived trail.  Just as those two New Englanders penned.

Be well, and habitually enjoy the road that rises to greet ya.