Mimic Morpheus for better sleep

by | Oct 21, 2019

Top of this fall morning!

I hope that you had windows open a crack if crisp weather is yours.

I’m lucky to get my New England tree and temperature fix!

Back to restful sleep. That uber-important quarter of our lives. Sleep 💤.

Most adults have episodic or chronic insomnia at some point(s). Not good 🙁

Sleep deprivation can often be mitigated with a bit of know how and common sense:

Poor Richard would commend these viable hacks to improve restorative sleep:

Screen time limits- particularly blue tinted screens.

No texting as slumber time nears

Dozing to TV shows before pillow time

Big suppers or late dining / snacks

Missing a romp in the hay

No or nil nightcaps

Too warm bedroom temperatures

Skipping a warm bath or cool shower 60-90 minutes before lights out

Camomile tea?

Taking anger or stress with ya to bedtime

Missing a daily workout to get you to right “weary” state

Sleep obstructions (apnea)!

Benign prostate pressure on Guys’ urethras

And etc, etc.

Da Nile is not a sleepy river.

Sure, there are prescriptions that may serve as sleep bandaids. Sure, many post menopausal ladies have added challenges with hot flashes.

I advocate au naturel steps to counter boomer problems like poor sleep- until one has exhausted non-prescription regimens.

Don’t become exhausted.

Sleep is NOT overrated if you like to live longer and better.

Go get it- however you can.

Be well,


Our San Diego weather is toasty and I hope that we’re free of fires.


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