Did you know that the ground has a faint electrical signal at very low frequency (~7 hertz)?

Should you shed your shoes and socks, your bare feet can sense these ground signals in a positive sense.

In stride with your Koach’s KaBoomer theme to stay young- go barefoot (when you know that your feet won’t get cut, blistered or bruised of course).

From a stability stance, bare feet can often help folks spread their toes / feet for better balance when exercising.

I like to call to one’s intended toe spread duck feet.

Whether performing single leg dead lifts, or checking your single leg standing time with eyes closed, bare feet can be a performance difference from pillow-like workout shoes.

If you have a moment, please surf (no shoes or socks) over to to read what Stephanie Krom days are benefits of being footloose.


Be well and feel our Mother Earth.


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