Tis the Season

Year after year, most American adults gain a pound or two of Bodyweight ( aka harmful fat) between Holidays of Thanksgiving and New Year.

That is 3500 to 7000 dietary kilocalories that may never “go away.”

That gain is plainly wrong. And that is a discretionary gain that is preventable.

What to do about this fatty fact?

• Eat less of high caloric and party food, and exercise more.

Drink more water before a social gathering. Go for the veggies without dip. Eat slowly. Duh.

If a normal “someone” eats 100 calories more each holiday day for ~6 weeks- that is over a pound of stored or used energy.

Use it because you may NOT lose it.

This added poundage is the equivalent to kilocalories “burned” in a full marathon run. So, adding a marathon of extra miles over the Holidays may create the burn NOT the carry of energy as stored fat.

That same “energy equation” is true for other calorie-burning activities like rowing or cross country skiing. Burn an extra 100 calories a day from sweaty activities and you can maintain your weight that you noted on a a scale before the Thanksgiving feast.

It is a doable do to keep from gaining holiday poundage.

I hope that you will!

Be leaner and disciplined,

Dave Frost

Micro nutrient, micro waist?

From very well health:

“increasing your vitamin D intake could support your weight loss efforts while enhancing your overall health. In order to achieve weight loss, it’s important to combine vitamin D supplementation with a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

Modern boomer life impacts most of us with lesser Vitamin D from natural exposure and from fast food “aging” nutrients.

As a fat-soluble vitamin, the implication for eating healthy fats to support Vitamin D absorption in our bodies is pretty clear too.

I’m a walk the talk guy for natural daily sunlight (without burning). Yet I’m also a fan of quality Vitamin D3 supplementation above our FDA recommended levels.

This micro is too critical for our longevity and wellness to leave to chance. Just my three cents.

Be well and don’t Gobble til you Wobble by eating too many rich side dishes for your Feast.


Boomer Angst is rising?!

Torrents of political news, man’s inhumanity to man, our greatest generation parents, and environmental disasters are certainly grounds for folks to wring their hands, lose sleep and get their dander up.



Easy to say yet hard to do – DON”T LET things you can’t control get you down. It is unhealthy, plain and not so simple.

From a May 2018 MD Magazine post;

“US adults are increasingly anxious particularly about health, safety and finances. That increased stress and anxiety can significantly impact many aspects of people’s lives, including their mental health, and it can affect families,” Anita Everett, MD, the president of the APA, said in a statement. “It highlights the need to help reduce the effects of stress with regular exercise, relaxation, healthy eating and time with friends and family.”

And it’s NOT just big things that put your stomach in knots and raise your cortisol – if you have 4 minutes, please listen to this NPR audio:

Best To Not Sweat The Small Stuff, Because It Could Kill You

So help reduce your little and big stresses of Boomer life with fresh air, sweat, social engagements and anti-inflammatory nutrients.





Slumber Success ?

For those of us living in mid-latitudes, our autumn nights are now cooler and longer.

In perfect Boomer worlds – our slumber theoretically should be a better bet in autumn than in summer dog days/nights.  I hope that is true for you as restorative sleep is so very critical to overall wellness.  Critical – in dependent and independent ways – for brain health, bodily vitality, avoiding accidents, keeping a cheery demeanor and livin’ the dream daily.  As we age – that dream and our dreamin’ get tougher.

What’s the Big Deal? I can get by on little sleep – you say…

Check these slides to be sure you’re not on that river Da Nile . . .

So what to do?  Try natural methods and no brainers like avoiding screen time before your shuteye.

Each of us is different.  Yet if I exercise at the right times, with the right intensities, I usually zonk out and stay out.

It is rare when I suggest that prescription aids aren’t all bad; as sleep is too darned critical to lose night by night.  Don’t overdo those prescriptions, however!  Please.

Here’s to your tapping of the power of restorative sleep, whatever the season.


Be well and rested!





Rope a dope – battle rope keister kickin’

Hi KaBoomers;

Most of us know how battle rope activities can “kick our keister”.  And raise our heart to our throats and make our legs and arms ACHE!

battle rope

When  I first misspelled Keister, I learned that Kister was an urbandictionary slang term for an

” 40-something virgin that has a mono-brow and a tendency to

wear women’s underwear.”

I can’t make up something like that!


Back to Roping:

Do not skip battle rope exercises if you want to KaBoom!

Yes, remember that variety spices up life AND makes ROPE a DOPE more effective –

“Battle ropes
provide a tremendous
total-body workout,
but variety of
movement is key.”

Thanks to ACE Fitness _November newsletter- for that reminder.


Thanks also to Iron Company for its Pin of a great Battle Role workout! battle rope workout iron company uk pin

One example: Wanna hit your GLUTES?  Double Arm Slams of the Rope is best.


Be well,

Dave  Frost

Appreciate Men’s Health – every month

With right kudos for October’s (pink) Breast Cancer Awareness, our calendar now highlights MOVEMBER as Men’s Health Awareness Month.  Not to confuse folks, yet June is Men’s Health Month – go figure… I fully ascribe to the assertion (below) that Knowledge is Power!  I used to say in my nautical sleep, ex scientia tridens (From knowledge, seapower).  And, yes, my new Movember-stache is a grey one. I’m okay with that fact of life…


For this month, and for June and for our other ten calendar months – please sel-raise awareness for men’s health issues, from metabolic syndrome to cardiovascular disease to prostate cancer. See something, say something, please!


Click over to this cbs news site to watch a quickie Knowledge is Power video.


Be well,