Appreciate Men’s Health – every month

by | Nov 5, 2019

With right kudos for October’s (pink) Breast Cancer Awareness, our calendar now highlights MOVEMBER as Men’s Health Awareness Month.  Not to confuse folks, yet June is Men’s Health Month – go figure… I fully ascribe to the assertion (below) that Knowledge is Power!  I used to say in my nautical sleep, ex scientia tridens (From knowledge, seapower).  And, yes, my new Movember-stache is a grey one. I’m okay with that fact of life…


For this month, and for June and for our other ten calendar months – please sel-raise awareness for men’s health issues, from metabolic syndrome to cardiovascular disease to prostate cancer. See something, say something, please!


Click over to this cbs news site to watch a quickie Knowledge is Power video.


Be well,



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