Rope a dope – battle rope keister kickin’

Hi KaBoomers;

Most of us know how battle rope activities can “kick our keister”.  And raise our heart to our throats and make our legs and arms ACHE!

battle rope

When  I first misspelled Keister, I learned that Kister was an urbandictionary slang term for an

” 40-something virgin that has a mono-brow and a tendency to

wear women’s underwear.”

I can’t make up something like that!


Back to Roping:

Do not skip battle rope exercises if you want to KaBoom!

Yes, remember that variety spices up life AND makes ROPE a DOPE more effective –

“Battle ropes
provide a tremendous
total-body workout,
but variety of
movement is key.”

Thanks to ACE Fitness _November newsletter- for that reminder.


Thanks also to Iron Company for its Pin of a great Battle Role workout! battle rope workout iron company uk pin

One example: Wanna hit your GLUTES?  Double Arm Slams of the Rope is best.


Be well,

Dave  Frost

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