Slumber Success ?

by | Nov 13, 2019

For those of us living in mid-latitudes, our autumn nights are now cooler and longer.

In perfect Boomer worlds – our slumber theoretically should be a better bet in autumn than in summer dog days/nights.  I hope that is true for you as restorative sleep is so very critical to overall wellness.  Critical – in dependent and independent ways – for brain health, bodily vitality, avoiding accidents, keeping a cheery demeanor and livin’ the dream daily.  As we age – that dream and our dreamin’ get tougher.

What’s the Big Deal? I can get by on little sleep – you say…

Check these slides to be sure you’re not on that river Da Nile . . .

So what to do?  Try natural methods and no brainers like avoiding screen time before your shuteye.

Each of us is different.  Yet if I exercise at the right times, with the right intensities, I usually zonk out and stay out.

It is rare when I suggest that prescription aids aren’t all bad; as sleep is too darned critical to lose night by night.  Don’t overdo those prescriptions, however!  Please.

Here’s to your tapping of the power of restorative sleep, whatever the season.


Be well and rested!






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