Boomer Angst is rising?!

by | Nov 21, 2019

Torrents of political news, man’s inhumanity to man, our greatest generation parents, and environmental disasters are certainly grounds for folks to wring their hands, lose sleep and get their dander up.



Easy to say yet hard to do – DON”T LET things you can’t control get you down. It is unhealthy, plain and not so simple.

From a May 2018 MD Magazine post;

“US adults are increasingly anxious particularly about health, safety and finances. That increased stress and anxiety can significantly impact many aspects of people’s lives, including their mental health, and it can affect families,” Anita Everett, MD, the president of the APA, said in a statement. “It highlights the need to help reduce the effects of stress with regular exercise, relaxation, healthy eating and time with friends and family.”

And it’s NOT just big things that put your stomach in knots and raise your cortisol – if you have 4 minutes, please listen to this NPR audio:

Best To Not Sweat The Small Stuff, Because It Could Kill You

So help reduce your little and big stresses of Boomer life with fresh air, sweat, social engagements and anti-inflammatory nutrients.






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