Tis the Season

by | Nov 30, 2019

Year after year, most American adults gain a pound or two of Bodyweight ( aka harmful fat) between Holidays of Thanksgiving and New Year.

That is 3500 to 7000 dietary kilocalories that may never “go away.”

That gain is plainly wrong. And that is a discretionary gain that is preventable.

What to do about this fatty fact?

• Eat less of high caloric and party food, and exercise more.

Drink more water before a social gathering. Go for the veggies without dip. Eat slowly. Duh.

If a normal “someone” eats 100 calories more each holiday day for ~6 weeks- that is over a pound of stored or used energy.

Use it because you may NOT lose it.

This added poundage is the equivalent to kilocalories “burned” in a full marathon run. So, adding a marathon of extra miles over the Holidays may create the burn NOT the carry of energy as stored fat.

That same “energy equation” is true for other calorie-burning activities like rowing or cross country skiing. Burn an extra 100 calories a day from sweaty activities and you can maintain your weight that you noted on a a scale before the Thanksgiving feast.

It is a doable do to keep from gaining holiday poundage.

I hope that you will!

Be leaner and disciplined,

Dave Frost


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