Raise some hell in your No Guilt Holidays

Your Nervy Operatives for N O  G U I L T Holidays are…

G – be grateful for that Christmas goose or marbled beef roast.  It’s the most wonderful time of each year.

U – unhurry. Take the time to enjoy the sights and smells of the Holidays. Chew and slip slowly too.

I – imperturbable.  Don’t let little things like eating a piece of fruit cake perturb you.

L – larruping.  Why not enjoy exceedingly good food and drink? It’s a great part of your 80/20 clean eating guideline.

T – take a temperate turn.  Don’t look back. Resume your habitual, healthy ways to live well and long.

As Granny in sang (No Time at All) in the No Guilt musical, Pippen,

“I never thought about how much I weighed

When there was still one piece of cake …

… But there’s still no cure more heaven-sent

As the chance to raise some hell.”

So KaBoomers, take your curing chance. Raise a little hell for a few days and nights in your:


See: https://www.heynutritionlady.com/dealing-with-food-guilt/

Be guiltless and well.


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