J-Lo, Shakira and KABOOMER cores

by | Feb 7, 2020

Most Ground Hog’s Day viewers of TV noticed two energetic Gen Xers named Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in the halftime of Super Bowl LIV.

So what’s my relevant point or points about their high energy motion and even pole-dancing?


Amidst the smoke but NO mirrors was a glance at what our KABOOMER cores can do with practice.

Our lumbo-pelvic-hip-complexes (LPHCs) are pivotal to many, many motions in our lives. Up, down, sideways and twisting motions. Sure, you can leave the pole work and play to others.  Yet you should not leave your core unattended. No way, no how.

A NY Times writer, Tara Parker-Pope, offered after that Miami halftime,

“it’s good to remember what healthy living and healthy aging is really about…” (and this is NOT about what others can do). In her words and mine, living long and living well is about one’s being “aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness; it is a dynamic process of change and growth.”

Now, back to our KABOOMER LPHCs as darned important enablers for living long and living well. Enablers for change and growth.

° Psoas, IO and TVAs !!

Strange names indeed for our  deep core muscles which serve to corset our midsection, flex our hips and stabilize our spines…

  • Sore lower back? Do an Oyster move or a happy Baby routine on the floor.

Strengthening your deep core often makes you a spry person in gym years.

  • Loins ache? Flex those hips with hip raises and standing hip cradles.
  • Dormant butt? Bird dog and dirty dog (fire hydrant) moves will help activate your Glutes.

For general twist and shout core work, invest in your World’s Greatest Stretches.  Jo Lo and Shakira probably do.

Be well, in this month for American Heart Health and in every month.

And be good to your core.


Koach Dave



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