Our future ain’t what it used to be

Like many, I am a Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra admirer.  A fan for his legendary pinstripe career, his naval service [ and Purple Heart]  as one in the Greatest Generation, and his Jersey connections, though not a soprano.

Recall that laughter, such as Yogi still stimulates for me, is good medicine.  Lordy – do we need a chuckle more than ever in these trembling times!

Yogi’s pithy malapropisms and downright funny sayings were shared with his raspy baritone pipes. Here’s the one that I focus on today: “The future ain’t what it used to be.”

I’ll credit Yogi, though he once shared that he really didn’t say everything that he said.

Most folks agree that he made this following visionary offer:



Credit: azquotes

Together, we Americans will persevere and prevail!

Sure, we were zoned out when microbiome Not missile messages were evident. Bill Gates advised that we were not ready five years ago!

We weren’t ready in December 1941, nor in September 2001. With history as hindsight, Microbe-busters didn’t get called in time in early 2020.

Perhaps “next time” we’ll have a better national and international response system.  I hope so for all of our sakes.

I’m serious about the near-term, as all readers are. April is most likely gonna be TOUGH.

Let’s look for a Battle of Midway victory!

Let’s finish what we started, like vanquishing S. Hussein and O. Bin Laden years ago.

Let’s respect what Yogi admonished about knowing where we are going!

Be well and also BE EXCELLENT to each other, as Bill & Ted said.


Koach Dave


Are Locusts next for Pandemics?

World plasma

Blogging this from my “WFH” office; I’m bracing and praying for our first responders, stricken neighbors, and leaders in this Ides of March pestilence affecting all of US.

We will get through this microbiome attack, somehow, someway, sometime SOON.

Let’s pray that our community of countries will be closer and better when that darned “curve” is flattened to nil levels!

As a wellness practitioner, I hope that my offered Immunity Boosts can help YOU as you help others.

Be well,

Koach Dave


Viva, your VAGUS

Get to know your VAGUE, yet valuable VAGUS. 

Via our VAGUS

Credit: hypnosistrainingacademy.com

Our 10th cranial nerve, linking mind and body, is a Wanderer.  Right, Vagus stems from Wander in its Latin word origin. What happens in Vagus – does NOT stay in Vagus.  That’s how critical this neural path is to our overall health and wellness.  Viva, your VAGUS!

As cited in other KABOOMER sections, our mind-body connection and alignment are critical for your quality of life – for stamininety!  Your Vagal system was called a “superhighway” by livescience.com, and it is the pathway for your “brain-gut axis.”


When this long, valuable wanderer behaves well,  your life is Bueno.

IF your vagal system isn’t behaving, from injury, infection or inflammation, then life is more MALO than Bueno.

  • So Koach, what can I do to be a happy Wanderer?
  1. Hum… No kidding! The yoga “OM” action works.

And laugh.

  1. A gentle neck massage near your vocal cords. Not too hard, or you can get light-headed as your carotid arteries are right there too!

Or a Chiropractor will be glad to help!

  1. General relaxation and mindfulness practices can help.
  2. General circulatory exercise to “goose” your neuromuscular system.
  3. And, enjoy your anti-inflammatory foods.


How to self-check if your Vagal system is Bueno?

Biofeedback dots


This Vagus is an unsung superhighway, take care of yours to help DE-STRESS daily!


Don’t be vague, Be well!






Monday, Monday so good to me

KABOOMERS may remember the Mamas and the Papas’ song: Monday Monday.

Or perhaps CARPENTERS’ Rainy Days and Mondays.

Despite others’ views, I claim that Mondays offer awesome ways to invest 14.3% of my life.

As part of my Monday routine, I try my amateur hand at poetry (after all, I claim Robert Frost as a forbear).

Here is today’s attempt,


There once was a bat in Wuhan,

Which somehow contacted a man,

Bad crown virus – meant hospitals gowned,

And started pandemic go-round.

Let’s get back to working again!

With spring upon us, flowers poppin’ and birds chirpin’ I hope that KABOOMERS can honor PHYSICAL DISTANCING, yet enjoy vital social connections at any distance.

Be well,

Koach Dave

Triskaidekaphobia -NOT !

This wacky workweek of pestilence and panic ends on… Friday the 13th.

I’m not a superstitious soul, yet lots of folks do trend that way today. How did unlucky Fridays evolve?

– Was it Jesus of Nazareth’s Last supper with 13 present?

– Or a Middle Ages panic of Knights Templar burned at stakes – with resultant misfortune to those who wrong’ed ’em?

Whatever the roots of bad luck and superstition:

° I admire folks who tend toward luckiness – in games of chance and life outcomes.  Not being one of those fortunate sons, I accept my role in creating my own breaks.

Time for making lemonade, I say!

I don’t place high credence on Horoscopes.  Yet today’s triskaidekaphobia note for Pisces folks like me) stated,

“Today offers a prime combination of calm stability and exciting chaos, partly due to the characters in my life. .  .”

And what a cast of characters!

This crisis will pass and the sun should raise tomorrow ( on Pi Day).

Is FEAR false expectations appearing real to you?

Or Face Everything and Rise?


I choose the later!  How about you?


Be well and make your own lemonade and breaks – every day.



Master Mind and Matter in our interesting times!

3/11 can seem like 9/11 to many.

Fit as hit the proverbial Shan!

I recall a Chinese proverb that made rounds in our “last great” panic of 2008:


These days are most assuredly INTERESTING and anxious.

What’s on my mind? What am I doing to cope with CoVID-19 issues?

These are my TOP 10s for COVID-19 coping:

    1. Staying as fit as I can, without OVER training.
    2. Trying NOT to be obtuse about contact.
      1. If Tom Hanks can get the CoVID – so can I.
        1. Yet I want my constitution to be as hearty as possible if I go “viral.”
    3. Getting my restorative sleep.
    4. Getting lots of Vitamin D3 and fresh air.
    5. Doing wipe downs of most physical surfaces.
    6. Playing Doctor by scrubbing my paws – for at least 20 seconds.
    7. Praying for warmer, moister weather (and for my neighbors).
    8. Breathing.
    9. Laughing, even if it’s [temporarily] gallows humor:
      1. See what VOX offers for silly strengths.
      2. A Secretary of State advised for primary ballots: ”

        “Whether healthy or sick, please don’t lick!”

    10. Looking to buy equities on this impressive bearish market “dip”.

✔This TOO shall pass. Ben Graham, Ben Franklin, our CDC and I say so…

“No gains without pains.”
– Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1745

Invest in YOU, rather than Speculate about what you can’t control!

Should you desire at-home “isolated” exercises to help mind and matter whenever and wherever– just let me know (email to info@wellpastforty.com).

Stay Well Past Forty,

Dave Frost

Gosh darn it, another time change #$%^

Spring Ahead – oy! 2 AM on March 8th, 2020 is almost here.  Goodbye to a precious hour when we could mimic Morpheus and say nice things about our

Most Americans face their standard and daylight “savings” time changes with a bit of concern for a good cause, as shared by reporter Catie Wegman of the Treasure Coast Palm:

“Throwing that biological clock out of sync has adverse health effects, including increased risk of heart attack and ischemic strokeaccording to a 2019 study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

According to a University of Colorado 2014 study, the Monday morning after “springing forward” raised the risk of having a heart attack by 25%. “

So what can a KABOOMER do to avoid “clocking out”?  [I envy you who live in Arizona or Hawaii]!

Five not-so-easy, yet not-too-hard steps should help ya:

  1. Dim your lights earlier on Saturday night, and open those window shades as early as possible to say “good morning sunshine…”
  2. Sleep in a bit on Sunday the 8th.  Catch a nappuccino that afternoon to stay fresh.
  3. Snack right – with complex carbs and a bit of protein to help avert sleep zombies and energy valleys until you adjust.
  4. Stay hydrated.  Remember that dehydration and fatigue are directly linked!
  5. Measure your caffeine drinks.  Moderate.

This too shall pass, or you can move to Arizona or Hawaii…

Be well, AND rested, even when the #$%$^ time changes.